Another Hello!

8:51 PM

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Yaaa... as usual, it's been a very long time, huh?
blame myself because too often hiatus... sigh.

How's life guys? everything alright?
My life is kinda easier now. I finally finished my final project :)
I pushed myself harder because I want graduated this year.
But ya... you know, there's always something to sacrificed in every struggle.
I feel so desperate and stressful so many time,
because I must do that project and the other hand I must spare my time between work and study.
For several times I want to give up when the deadline is getting closer,
and there some lecturers which got me in trouble to finished this final project.
I know that God never gives us a trial exceed our capabilities,
but lecturers did.

However, I'm so grateful...
because I have so many people around me that always give me a support.
Everytime I think to quite, they always be there to cheer me up,
and give me strength to did it until finished.
I'm so thanks, God...
to give me that people in my life.

I'm getting closer to real life.
Yesterday, I dreamed to be a graphic designer
in one of the big publisher in this country like Kompas Gramedia.
Nowadays I'm working in Dioma publisher as graphic designer.
Although I'm start bored with my office atmosphere, but I'm one step closer with my dream.
Keep the dreams, self... keep the dreams.

with love,
Rendy Willyanto

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