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10:06 AM

hey blogger.. How bout your satnite yesterday? :D
in fact I have a boring satnite yesterday ...
but not with my sunday hahaha

Yups, yesterday I went with Yap2 and Gloria yang 'notabene' my bestfriend :D

we go to the cinema and watch the "Sorcerer's Apperentice"

good movie I think.. and I really enjoyed this movie from beginning until I realized that I lost something T^T whoaaa

yeah, I lost contact my motorcycle ... I was very nervous at that time, using the display light and Gloria BB I tried looking under the seat cinema but the results "NIHIL"
then I decided to continue to enjoy the movie because it is the climax of this movie ... and in fact I failed .. hahaha .. I keep have a bad feeling about my contacts .. T ^ T
so the last 15 minutes which is usually the best part of a movie I just miss ...
cinema lights finally turned on again, I'm with the help of Gloria and yap2 re looking for and still do not see .. then we went down to the park and the bad situation "there is no contact left on my bike ... X_X"
I tried to ask the handyman a parking lot and luckily that was kindly reserve my contact hahaha ...
fiuhhh ... I hope this incident will not happen again .. "Makasii Pak Parkir,, I'm so glad :D"
yeah although not able to fully enjoy the movie I thought that movie was good .. so i suggest for you guys who have not watched Sorcerer's Apperentice to watch it ^ ^

We continue our journey to the MX (the mall with the best interior at MALANG)
then we decided to eat at the foodcourt Matos ..
while eating we tell each other about our lives .. haha
and OMG they have an exciting love story .. (This makes me jealous because I do not have a girlfriend T ^ T)
we talked long enough in the foodcourt and then we drove Gloria back to the VPT
Gloria successful scare me with stories "lembah pocong" along the journey RRRRrrr!
before returning home I could borrow a few dvd to enjoy this week (yeah Actually this last week free for me)
I borrowed one of the dvd is "Personal Taste"

I really like the Korean drama, from there I can learn to be a romantic man: P
not same with Indonesian sinetron, Korean drama is more interesting because Indonesian sinetron always unreasonable and 'LEBAY' and often imitate Korean dramas..
why Indonesia did not try to create drama to the point and not make the long ending .. This makes us bored X_X
back to personal taste: D
today I started following the first episode and OMG I fell in love with this drama ... haha
acting son ye jin, lee min ho, kim ji seok and was awesome
For you korean drama lovers should watch this movie ...
Trans7 also will play personal taste immediately so do not miss it ^^V

woops, in this post I also want to say happy birthday for my bro Andre: D
hopefully what he aspired to be achieved ..
GBU always ^ ^

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  1. helllo...

    i also just watched this lovely drama! luvly drama!




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