my last free week

8:43 PM

hey ya bloggers
how are you today? I hope you all in good condition
hmm, finally next week I will begin to live the campus activities ...
a sense of excited, scared, insecure, gerogi, happy, proud
began to present in my mind hoaaa T ^ T
my campus was slower when I try to compared with other campuses ...
perhaps because of "Asia" is a campus which is managed by "Wearness" singapore, so follow the system overseas who are just starting and learning activities in October...
my friend has been engaged in UTS and I just started ORMABA next week ..
hummm,, sometimes this situation makes me lazy to go to college ...
but even so, "I have to Keep Fight!" right?

and bloggers do you know what I've been doing to fill my holiday so far?
I was a member of EO "event organizer" and a "private teacher"
haha both jobs that provide good experience for me ...
but I feel less suitable to join the crew eo, you know why? because his work is too heavy ..
but I also was surprised by my friend who joined
with other EO (not EO where I work)
they tell me that their work is not too heavy and they pay is high enough ...
so I decided to vacuum from the EO's world

while a private teacher is nice ... ^ ^ V
every day meet with the children cans relieve strees
well, although sometimes they were naughty
but I really enjoy this job for now

and you know I get a "bonus" from all these experiences ...
guess what it is ^ ^ hehe
right! I so have the income ...
when receiving a salary is a very happy moment in my life
so why do not you try looking for part-time if you have free time ...
I guarantee you'll get a lot of experience and "bonus"!

Okay, this is my last free week ...
what should I do?
any suggest? ^ ^

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