26 - New friend - my Second Week

9:14 PM

woops woops
meet again with me, in my little world ...
ok, in this post I will share some story for you...
let's start


* What Happens WITH 26?

Initially I didn't realize that there are unique in the number 26 before I getting the Broadcast Message (BM) from Merlinda...
there is a secret behind number 26,, maybe this is just a coincidence or is there 'something' with this figure...
but some major natural disasters in Indonesia and some other countries in the world occurred on the 26th


let's see some examples that have occurred in Indonesia:

1. August 26, 1883 : Krakatau erupts
2. December 26, 2004 : Tsunami in Aceh
3. May 26, 2006 : Yogyakarta Earthquake
4. June 26, 2010 : Earthquake Tasik
5. October 26, 2010 : Tsunami Mentawai
6. October 26, 2010 : Merapi erupts

and actually many more,
Tsunami Mentawai and The eruption of Mount Merapi is a disaster that just happened ...
and over this incident arose the movement # prayforindonesia better known in the world of Twitter,,

So how do we deal with this?
maybe some people consider this just a coincidence and some began to think that this all is a 'sign'

Any real people's opinions are their rights,, the important thing here is:
We as humans must continue to rely on God ... God created the universe and leave him to us to be able to be utilized and we care
but what we often do? we only exploitation the nature without any carefor our nature ... So what's wrong if God admonish us with this incident?



have many friends is really fun ..
yes, that's true!
just now, I went back to get a friend from outside the country from a social networking site : Facebook (FB)
actually is not the first time I got a friend from outside Indonesia,, before I ever knew
Duyen (from Vietnam), Jajah (from Thailand), Ken (from Malaysia), Jeann (From Malaysia) and recently I met with Jacky (from Vietnam)


and the reason I wrote about Jacky in this post is that he likes to read my blog
(a blog that can be categorized as 'biasa saja')

whoaa so Glad Jacky...

I think Jacky is:
* Good
* Cheerful
* Exclaimed
* and i feel very comfortable when I chatt with him

O ya,, one day we had a chat and talk about our favorite songs

I tell that one of my favorite song is "Karena Ku Sayang Kamu - Dygta"
Jacky download that song and learn the lyrics ... hahaha
I think he's interested as well with this song ...
then I asked about his favorite song, and he said "Duong Nhu Ta Da - My Tam"
I tried to find this song and download it
uhm,, the lyrics are quite strange to me that in fact people of Indonesia wkwkwk
but when I started trying to find the lyrics and try to understand it ... I think this a great song!
(Hey Jackie, what do the lyrics of this song tells the story of your life?) Wkwkwk


the last few days we did not chat, so maybe because of busy each cause we rarely meet online

note for Jacky if he read this post:
Xin Chao Jacky,, Nice to be your friend! hehehe, your fave song is nice!

o ya I'm waiting for your promise ... LOL ~


* The Second Week = Homework's Week

I began to hate the 'collage' (hmmm, really contrast with last week)
in this second week almost all the lecturers giving the assignment, and until now there are still some tasks that I haven't finish

ok, maybe it's the bane of a student!


learning - tasks - quizz - UTS - UAS

so, what can i do?
with forced and heavy hearts would not want to do the job!
o ya, and "Thursday" is now truly be a longest day... huft!
started college in the early morning at 9 and directly connected with the task as 'private teacher' I just got back home at 7 pm
huhuhu,, if I could eliminate Thursday in my life ...

yaaa,, finally I can only say to myself "FIGHT!!!"

hey bloggers
there's my new photo with my new friend

Okay,, see you in next post...


*.:。*゚ ‘゚・.。.:* *.:。*゚’゚・.。.:* *.:。*゚¨゚✎ Rendy

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