some of my project~

4:47 PM

yuhuu bloggers
what are you doing on this satnite?
me? I didn't do anything
so bored

finally I decided to create a project,
just a simple project to fill this boring satnite...
and this is the result, cekidot !

setelah aku gambar lalu aku warna pake photoshop
how do you think?
yap, aku tau gambarku ga sebagus gambar temen2
but I'll keep practice

and this some my other picture:

o ya tadi waktu mau posting ini sempet liat beberapa foto yang kuambil waktu farewell di Bali
I think I started fall in love with photography
but you know if the price of SLR camera that was used by the photographers are expensive
So I must to be patient to buy the camera

Ini beberapa hasil 'jepretan'ku waktu di Bali :

then here are some photos that I took near my house:

so am I worthy enough to buying a
DSLR camera ?
oh, dad... please buy me one...

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