How I Miss 'Sambal' so Damn Much !

5:43 PM

For several times in the last 2 months
I got a problem with sprue.
And it was so painful. hiks!

That sprue makes me lazy to put all kinds of food into the mouth.
Yeah you know, it will be very annoying when we eat. so painful : ')

Well, someone told me that we often get sprue,
it signifies that we have cancer of the oral cavity.
I don't know about the fact,
And I don't expect that statement is true. Big no!
all I know if we got sprue, it caused we wasn't eating enough vitamin c.

But for this time it was my fault.
mmmm, I eat while talking,
and accidentally, I'm biting my tongue. ;')
now it was hard for me to eat and poor me, I can't eat "sambal"
Aahhh, how I miss "sambal" so damn much!

The drug is so painful,
but if I left it, the sprue will take 7-10 days to heal. Krrrr.
What should I do, is there an effective drug but not painful ? I really need it!

From now, I will eat more calmly. Hahaha.
And you should too ;)

P.S. :
Still in a long vacation, and I think to fix this blog. But somehow until now I haven't did it. =.= "

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  1. makanya kalau mau ngomong, makanannya ditelan dulu :D itu lah pentingnya nasihat nenek hihihi

  2. ko, sambel terasi pake kecap itu enak loh.... haochi sencinping!
    *minta digaplok pake kursi hehee*




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