Rise from hiatus: Hey, I'm completely 21!

9:22 PM

Good night everyone,
First. Sorry for this sudden hiatus.
It's like about a month I decided to stop posting in this blog.
Well, it doesn't means that my life also stop.
My life was kinda hard for me lately.
Too many tasks and exams that I must done in last month.
Surely, I wish to have more than 24 hours a day,
so I can sleep peacefully in the night without a sense of worry about the deadline.
Ha! But today I proud of myself because how hard situation is it, I can pass it slowly but sure.
Maybe I didn't did my best in the last exams but,
Hey.. I can make a documenter video and 3D logo animation with my own capabilities.
And the last, I can complete my internship report in this semester.

btw, 5 days ago was a special day for me.
I'm officially 21 years old right now.
hah... time run so fast.
I'm not afraid of being older anymore.
I just afraid that I'm not mature enough for this age.
I realized that everything has changed, life turns more hard and harder.
We can't back to the moments when our problems only how to get a candy anymore.
All I know... when our life getting harder,
we must be tough enough to face it and prove yourself to be more stronger than before.

Thank you for all birthday gift (:

There's always a surprise on birthday, right?
I'm very thankful for my family, my best friends, and all my friends for made 10th July really my day.
Thank you for Nike and Anast for surprise morning birthday cake.
It was 6am you know, but I can't be angry although you ruin my dream. hahaha!
And the day after, I know that all of you have planned it with my sister. krrr... perfectly surprise!
Ah, thank you for Felin too. She was in Jakarta right now for her internship,
but it was a surprise when suddenly there was a courier give me the box which covered by wrapping paper.
Thank you Felin, I'm so glad to have you as my super best friend.
And of course I can't forget about the another surprise gift when I got dinner with my friends.
Thank you Niko, Junaedy, Gilang, Puji, Anast and Nike. You rock man!

Someone tell me that when you feel so nothing for this world.
Remember that there's always at least one person who feel that you are something in his/her world.
I know right now, it was right...
Thank you God for every person who means so much in my life.
They are truly amazing, and I'm lucky to have them.

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