7:29 PM

Throw back at the end of my senior high school, I was an ambitious boy at that time. I have so many dream and I planned it so well on my mind. I have a big expectation about my future life and I forced myself to gave the best of me on everything I did.

Time flies, my dream gone one by one... I lost my passion, and I started to blame myself about expecting so high. Success is not that easy, and Achieving dreams is not as easy as I flips my hand. My personality was changed. And I'm not an ambitious boy anymore.

I do not know what happened but I think everything goes wrong now. Something wrong with myself, and I start to missed the old me. The ambitious ones. At that time I always said to myself, it's okay Ren... You still have a hope, you have a chance to be better than now. How can I back to that time? or at least how I can have my passion again? :(

I'm struggling now... as hard as I'm trying to fix this situation, I still feel lost... I'm losing my hope.

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