Embracing Solitude

8:09 PM

[ Monday, April 24th 2017 at Legian Beach ]
Being alone is such a weird thing in my country. Seems like we have no friend or people don't want become our friend. We live in a society who think that those who are always surrounded by a lot of people are cool, whereas the ones who spend time walking around the city or sitting at a corner of a cafe on their own are the loners. Thats why people afraid of being alone here, we don't want to be labeled as loners.

For me, being alone isn't that bad. Sometimes I saw that people who can love the time when they spending time by their own are cool. They don't care about what people think and they prove that being alone is not that pathetic. But yeah, just a few I knew. I am not that person who spending much of time by my own. But I am not afraid being labeled as a loners when I have a me time. It's okay to spending time on my own.

That day, on a bright Monday morning. I left my room and visited Legian beach by myself. The sun just rise and some of people just started their activity when I am walking before them. Villagers start open their shop, foreigner jog by theirself and some with their couple. I saw more detailed about the situation around me when I walk alone. I got some smile when my eyes accidentally meet others along the way. And it's warmed my heart.

Practicing solitude is not permanent. Solitary is the thing that only takes a few percent of your entire life. Why are we so scared of being alone? Who said that being alone is the same thing with being lonely? In fact, you don't have to be alone to feel the loneliness. Even when you are surrounded with people. I'm certain there were times when your little heart whispered to you, "What are you doing? Who are these people?"

Once again, don't be afraid of being alone. But at the end, as a social being we have to meet other people too, to help each other.

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