an experience

8:45 AM

Actually, I did it for some weeks a go but I think it’s not too late to post it now
Ok, for all of them who working as graphic designer
critics is really needs for make a better work.
So you can give me any critics and I will really ‘big thanks’ for it.
This is my first job to make a bulletin for my church,the name is “CrossFile” at first I was confused and not confidence, but I try to make it as good as I can.
And here is the result :

I made it using Photoshop and CorelDraw

as I know if we made using Photoshop only, the result will be “blur” when we print it (excepted : we made it with big resolution) so I using CorelDraw to lay-out’ing and input the articles, but I using Photoshop to made the background. And for the cover I totally using Photoshop. When I think everything was right, I gave it for printed.

How disappointed I am when I found some articles can’t be read because the background’s colour was more high than the text. I’m sure I didn’t made like that in Photoshop, but my friend said to me that sometimes it can be happen when we printed it.

Hmmm, Ok from this accident I got an experience so if sometime I made something like that I must be more carefull with the colours.

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  1. Hai, salam kenal dari sesama graphic designer
    Desain lu udah keren kok, enak layoutnya

    Paling suka yg halaman MENGUCAP SYUKUR
    Minimalis, tapi keren

    Salam kenal,

  2. - Esther
    thanks sobat :D
    - Kenni
    wah,, senang bisa ketemu ama sesama desainer grafis disini hahaha
    thanks bro :D




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