What I Feel

9:33 PM

Kadang kita tidak ingin melepaskan seseorang saat kita merasa kebahagiaan kita ada saat bersama dengannya

I miss the first time we know each other, look awkward but funny.
I miss the time we spent the night with stupid chat.
I miss the time when you were in the meeting but you still have a chat with me
I miss when we laugh together. Yeah, I love your smile.
I miss the times when I could remind you for your breakfast, lunch and dine
I miss you...

And the bad part is...
I shouldn't miss you anymore from now.
It's hard, very hard for me.
But I must try.

Sorry if my honesty makes you feel uncomfortable.
But I can't lie to myself, I can't lie with my feelings.

You say that I must stop chat with you, so I can forget you easily.
I won't. I swear I won't forget about you :(

Everything seems different now.
You go away and you hope that 'I can forget you easily?'
Please understand, I don't force you to love me.
I promise, I will never force you.
But please look at me from the other side.
Can we still be friends?
Just friend, is it too difficult for you?
Give me a chance to greet you as a friend...

Kita harus melepaskan seseorang saat kita tahu, dia akan lebih bahagia tanpa kita :)

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