Seminggu pertama di Semester 3

6:41 PM

Hey readers, How's your day?
Today I completed my first week in "Semester 3"
And I can only explain it in one word TIRED
But through this first week, I can adapt to my new class, new friends, new lecturers, and new task :(
Actually, I hope this semester will not be hard like my last semester, because in this semester I only get two class about programming "Data Structures" and "Analysis and Design of Information Systems"
yeah, but in fact it would just be a hope.

In this week there are several things to be done:
1. Search Text Book for my English 3 class
2. Download some e-books from my lectur's BLOG
3. Data Structures Task (I'm work on it, now)
4. Buying new headphones for my Digital Music Production class
5. Exercise to use the line tool on autoCAD
6. Task Experiment Text - Typography
7. Looking for software that will be used in this semester (Fruity Loops, autoCAD, adobe Audition)
and beside that, I also have some projects to be completed
* Christmas Poster
* Christmas Invitation
* Video Invitation (this one makes me crazy)
* "BERKAT" for youth in my church

hmmm, I wish I can do my BEST for each project. Keep Fight Ren!
By the way, tonight is Saturday Night, right?
What your plans to spend this night?
I don't have any idea, I don't have any promise with my friend to hang out
What should i do?
watching some movie on my laptop / palying game / sleep Earlier / complete my to-do list =.="
Actually I wanted to cut my hair, but I feel a bit GALAU x_x" because I love my hair color now. Hahaha
Have a nice Saturday Night readers!

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