Do Your Part With Your Best, and Let God Take The Rest

9:23 AM


Whoaaa, it's really suprising me.
yesterday, my classmate told me about the final score for 4th semester.
My IP unexpectedly up by 0.01!

hey, why you looks so happy, it was only 0.01 ?

K, let me re-explain.
for you who often read or at least have read this blog
surely you remember for several times I was almost desperate with this semester.
many subjects that I feel really inconvenience.
I just try to do my best, and hope for the best on it.
but when I passed the final exam, my confidence down.
I've tried to do my best but I still feel that's not my best.
until finally I could only surrender waiting for the results.
sometimes I think that my IP will go down a lot.
I even had a dream just get IP of 2.75 ._.

I pray to God for the best, I pray to make my parents proud of me.
and finally I found myself can still maintain my IP from last semester,
even increased 0.01 haha

If anyone says,
"do your part with your best, and let God take the rest" 
That's right.
God knows how hard we try,
and don't expect a high when you don't try to get it.

so I'm very grateful to God for 3.76 in this semesters
I'll try even harder to fix my flaws
I will try to reach my dreams
see ya!

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  1. wiiih IP nya bagus euy :) semoga bisa meningkat.. dan saya juga ikutan punya IP bagus hehehehe mau berusaha




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