You are who you think you are, not what they think.

7:27 PM


Yesterday, my friend told me about what he feels so far.
He said that people only judge him from the physical.
He feels likes everyone look at him when he walks.
I jokes with him "Yeah, of course everybody looks at you! because you are good looking. hahaha"
and how surprised I am when he told me that "No, everyone look at me because I am  weird"

I don't know where's the weird part from him.
so far, I know him as a kind and nice boy.
and he asked my opinion about him.
yaa, I told that he is a good boy.
 then he asked my opinion about his physical appearance.
I was silent for a moment and began to think
why he wanted me to appreciate him from physic?
I still don't understand,
so far I think that the people who judge someone just from the physical
it was a very fool person.
I just said that he is good looking 'in my opinion'

I do not know why he think that way.
I think he got a lot of negative comments / mock from his friends
and it makes negative thoughts about themselves.
I think that's not good for him because he will always feel insecure and felt weird.

I try to explain my opinion to him.
I just hope that he got something and stop to think like that.
"What people say about you,
if it was positive comments, you can take it.
if it was negative comments but it can build up your personality , you can take it. 
if it was negative comments and there is no point for you, ignore it.
this is your life, who are they?
and if there's person who always judging person from the physical, they are stupid.
why? because how beautiful or how handsome person,
one time, their physic will change, and the change was definitely not into a better direction."

In fact,
I also judge people from the physical.
But I'm sure,  for me inner beatty is more important than outward appearance.

I hope that he can start to love and respect himself.
You are who you think you are,
not what they say,
not what they see,
not whay they hear,
and not what they think :)

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