price of the trust

10:16 AM

I recognize myself as an introvert person.
I prefer to keep my problems and try to think about myself.
even though sometimes I need someone as a listener.
I dunno, I just think sometimes people are curious not because of they care about.
they're just curious.

my friend told me that not everyone's like that.
yes, she was right. and I'm thankful I have her, and my other best friend.
at least when I needed a place to talk, I still have them.

okay maybe I was traumatized.
one time I told someone about something that actually I don't want others to know.
I believe him. But he betrayed me.
He told to others, and finally everybody becomes know.
as easy as that he destroyed my trust?
although eventually I forgave him.
yeah, I think it's useless to get angry, because it was already happen.
but now I never tell my problems to him.
I hope he learned to understand the importance of trust.

I made this post, because lately too many people who want to know about me.
and actually it was annoying for me.
please respect my privacy, I'll tell you when I feel it needs to be told.
and one day when I was told to you, please keep that trust.

thank you for trying to understand me :)

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